water treatment reverse osmosisProudly serving Holly Springs and the area within a 75-mile radius, Purologix Water Services Inc is the trusted choice for cleaner water. Comprehensive water treatment services tailored uniquely for each of our customers is a company standard. That means savings for our clients because we don’t sell expensive equipment they don’t really need.

We provide service to a wide range of markets including commercial, residential, medical, research, dental, industrial water treatment and laboratory. Purologix offers residential treatment and service, purified RO drinking water for office or home, deionized and distilled water (DI) for laboratory, bottleless water coolers to replace 5-gallon bottled water, laboratories and critical cooling, advanced disinfection for hospitals, as well as filtration, and commercial ice makers.

We’re one of the only companies of our kind in the area, and will provide you with the service you deserve. Your water should be clean.

We know you’re tired of trips to the store to buy an endless amount of water bottles. We know you’re tired of throwing away money on filters that just don’t work? Call Purologix today and join the hundreds or our satisfied customers.

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