“I am a Certified Water Technologist by trade for industrial water, but not certified in potable water. In working on another project with Russ, we got to discussing my heath issues and how the Dr’s were baffled by my rash. Russ stopped by and ran a few tests on my home water and found some numbers way higher than what they should be. He recommended the 4 stage system for my home. We had it installed by their professional installers, worth every penny there, and have been using the system for about 3 weeks now. My skin is beginning to clear and the itching is subsiding. The quality of our home water has greatly improved. We have noticed an improvement in the smell of the water, the taste of coffee and tea has greatly improved. We use a lot less soap in the dishwasher and clothes washer too. I highly recommend Purologix for your home water needs. We are very pleased with our system and it is worth every penny we paid for it.”

Steve Suzanne

” highly recommend this company. We had a reverse osmosis system and a water softening system installed. Mark was extremely knowledgeable and has fantastic communication, he went totally above and beyond with the quality of service he provided. The workers did a fantastic job and were very pleasant to deal with. I can not say enough positive things about this company and their employees. Easily 5 stars!”

Holly Petrizzo

“Very helpful explaining what we needed. They did not upsell their product. They did encourage a shed to house the water system for it not to bein crawl space. Defiantly a wise choice for us.”

Dale H. in Raleigh, NC

“I thought rust did a great job, he was very personable overall good customer service experience.”

John E. in Raleigh, NC

“Russ from Purologix was a top notch pro, who took the time to explain to me and my family exactly what was needed (and why) to ensure we have the best water solution possible for our well. I had ordered a few DIY testing kits to get a surface understanding of the water situation at my home. Russ came in, ran several tests of his own, and confirmed what I had learned. There was no up-selling attempt at all! He simply focused on the facts and data and helped us pick from a few options, explaining the science behind each option and why we may like one solution over another. On the day of installation Russ was very polite, ensured we went without water for as little time as possible, and even had to improvise on the fly when he found some challenges the builder’s plumber created. He was finished in just a few hours and left the installation area very clean. We have a sealed crawl space and Russ was able to make sure the installation was completed without compromising the seal. The result… Our water tastes great plus our dishwasher and washing machine are much more effective! I highly recommend Purologix!”

Michael H. in Franklinton, NC

“Our experience was pretty straight forward. We had pretty bad water from a community well, and now we don’t thanks to a new whole house system. We can finally enjoy our new home. Our tub runs clear water and we can drink water from the tap. Another place I contacted first didn’t seem interested in a face-to-face. They mailed me a tube to test my own water by mail and (so far) we’ve never heard from them again. We really wanted to solve our problem ASAP. Happy to have found Purologix and our system went in within days of our consultation. Thank you!”

Michelle B. in Wake Forest, NC

“This is a great company to get water treatment services from, look no further. The equipment they install is quality and priced right. They excel at great service, listening and dealing with concerns, fixing the water issues, and doing it with a neat clean install. They are professionals and you can trust them to do a quality job and they honor their word. I inspected the install myself, they did it right. Russ and Tim were my installers. I’m really glad I chose Purologix, and you will too. I am on a community well with hard water (9 grain) with magnesium/iron/chlorine issues. They installed the Hague WaterMax 63BEQ with Reverse Osmosis model 5000 with matching kitchen tap. You will notice the water quality improvement and will be reminded daily of the value received from your investment.”

Jim C. in Holly Springs, NC

“Purologix was prompt to respond to my Service Magic request. We met in person within a day and I was able to get all my questions answered so I felt good about the decision I had made. We scheduled a prompt installation that was confirmed via telephone prior to showing up on site. There was no surprise in either the pricing or installation. The technician was polite, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient in the work he did, which resulted in an excellent install and follow-up. Purologix obviously believes in customer service and quality. I would highly recommend Purologix to anyone.”

Eric D. in Cary, NC

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